Nutrition Consultations


Using whole food and a holistic approach, I work with you to identify and address the root cause of your health issues . Treatment may include food and lifestyle recommendations, recipes, and nutritional supplementation if indicated. Treatment recommendations are evidence-based, and tailored to your lifestyle, genetics and presenting conditions. 

Functional and diagnostic testing


Functional testing provides detailed information about how different areas of the body are working.  Functional testing can provide insightful information to guide treatment, and can reduce treatment time.

Standard pathology testing is also recommended and interpreted to help pinpoint what is going on in your body and identify whether key nutrients are within optimum ranges for health.

Gut microbiome analysis – I utilise companies who analyse the gut microbiome using advanced genetic sequencing. This provides a breakdown of the bacteria inhabiting the gut. I find this type of testing extremely useful to guide treatment to improve the gut health (and therefore overall health) of clients.

All testing is utilised within the context of a consultation, and cost of any testing is additional to the consultation cost.

Online or in-person consultations

With an online consultation you can make a cuppa and talk to me without needing to leave your own home. Or see me in person in my clinic in Robina on the Gold Coast.


Learn not just the ‘what’, but the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of making healthy eating simple, delicious and enjoyable.

Individualised Nutrition

Your treatment plan is specifically tailored for YOU, and aims to help make changes as simple and sustainable as possible.

Nutritional supplements

Formulation of a personalised nutritional compound or prescription of high quality, practitioner-only supplements, specifically for your needs.


Initial consultation

60-75 minutes | $130

The initial consultation is a fact-finding mission where we delve into the causes and contributing factors to your health issues. We look at your health concerns, habits, diet, lifestyle, family history, stress, emotional factors and other contributing factors. Initial testing is undertaken which may include blood pressure, pulse, nails and tongue analysis and physical palpation.

In some cases a simple initial treatment plan will be provided, whereas in other cases the majority of the first appointment is comprised of information gathering.  A comprehensive treatment plan, formulated after naturopathic analysis of the information provided and utilising evidence-based research, is presented at the first follow-up appointment.

It is therefore strongly recommended to book the initial and first followup consultation together. My Nutrition Starter Pack below offers a special price for one inital plus two followup consultations.

First followup consultation

45 minutes | $70

During the first followup appointment a comprehensive treatment plan, tailored to your bio-individuality, is presented and explained. This is developed after careful analysis of all the factors influencing your current condition, and may include diet and lifestyle recommendations, recipes and education, along with nutritional supplementation. 

Followup consultation 

30 minutes | $70    45 minutes |  $100

At subsequent followup consultations we check how you are progressing with previous recommendations, implement successive parts of the treatment plan, troubleshoot any problems you encounter and tweak the plan where necessary. Checking in helps to keep you accountable to staying on track and achieving your health goals. 

Nutrition Starter Pack 

Initial consultation plus two followup consultations $245 (Save $25!)

Are you ready for renewed health and vitality? Lets get started! The nutrition starter pack includes an Initial consultation and two followup consultations. A great way to solidify the recommended changes with regular followups and check-ins keeping you accountable, and troubleshooting any issues that arise along the way.

Online consultations

Online appointments follow the same format as in-person, but do not include testing such as blood pressure, palpation or other physical assessments. The treatment plan is emailed, and any prescribed supplements you order are sent directly to you through patient ordering systems. Please be aware that some health funds will not cover distance consultations.

Free 15 minute discovery call

Not sure if Nutritional Medicine can help, or if my approach is right for you? Book in for a FREE 15 minute discovery call to discuss what you hope to get from your Nutritional Medicine consultation and get a feel for how we might work together.

Prescribed supplements and testing

The cost of any prescribed supplements or further testing is in addition to the cost of the consultation.