Ah Christmas day, the day when we get to eat as much as we like, right? Because.. Christmas. If you usually end up feeling bloated and yuk by the end of Christmas day, here are some tips to help you still enjoy yourself, but feel better by the end of the day.

1. Start out right.

I like to start the day with a small breakfast that’s higher in fat and protein, like a poached egg, or my coconut goji granola, rather than something higher in refined carbs. This helps to stabilise blood sugars, avoiding becoming so hungry that you want to devour everything in sight come Christmas dinner time.

2. Eat slowly.

Give your digestive system time to signal to your brain that you’ve had enough to eat. Leave a decent gap between Christmas dinner and dessert – you might not feel like dessert until later (or at all), and that’s ok!

3. Choose smaller portions.

There’s usually lots on offer, so there’s no need for huge amounts of everything. Consciously think about how full you feel before going for second helpings – refer back to tip number 2 – give it time – chances are you won’t feel like a second helping after all.

4. Substitute.

If there’s a particular food that you  just don’t tolerate and leaves you feeling terrible, be prepared with a suitably festive alternative that is kinder to your system.

5. Movement.

Often after a big meal all we want to do is nap, buy lying down can slow movement of gas through the intestines and contribute to bloating. Gentle exercise can help move gas through your digestive system, reducing bloating and having the added benefit of giving you an energy boost as well.


Lastly – Enjoy! Savour the food and the moments that come from sharing a special day with family and friends (or however you choose to spend Christmas day).